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Weekly Devotional

What Do I Value Most? Mark 8:37

What profit is it for a man to gain the whole world and to forfeit his life? For what is a man
to give in exchange for his life? Mark 8:37

We live in a world where most people the priority would be material things. The same is true even for some Christians who’d been in the Church for quite a long time.

It is quite possible for a man in one sense to make a huge success of life and in another sense to be living a life that is not worth living. The real question Jesus asks is Where do  you put your values in life? It is possible for a man to put his values on the wrong things and to discover it too late.A person may sacrifice honour for profit. He may desire material things and not be over-particular how he gets them. The world is full of temptations towards profitable dishonesty. As they say, “honesty is the best policy.’ A person may sacrifice principle for popularity.

Some would do anything to be popular and have that sense of acceptance in the society rather than being honest in what they do.

The real question, the question every person in the end will have to face, is not What did men think of this?" but, "What does God think of it?" It is not the verdict of public opinion but the verdict of God that settles destiny. Jesus is good example of purity and honesty. The Bible says, “In all points He was tempted just as we are. And yet He was without sin.” Hebrews 4:15 A person may sacrifice the lasting things for the cheap things. As in the thought of William Barclay. “ It is always easier to have a cheap success. An author may sacrifice that which would be really great for the cheap success of a moment. A musician may produce ephemeral trifles when he might be producing something real and lasting.

A man may choose a job which will bring him more money and more comfort, and turn his back on one where he could render more service to his fellow-men. A man may spend his life in little things and let the big things go. A woman may prefer a life of pleasure and of so-called freedom to the service of her home and the upbringing of a family. But life has a way of revealing the true values and condemning the false as the years pass on. A cheap thing never lasts.”

In summary we can say, that a man may sacrifice eternity for the moment. We would be saved from all kinds of mistakes if we always looked at things in the light of eternity. Many a thing is pleasant for the moment but ruinous in the long run.

The test of eternity, the test of seeking to see the thing as God sees it, is the realest test of all. So in everyday choices that we do. Whatever it is. Do we put God’s will as the real priority over material things. Or it
is the opposite. Although we read. Seek Ye First the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33. But to most people it is. “Seek ye first the things of this world and the kingdom of God later. The word of God says, put God first. So what do we value most in life. It is left for us to answer in
individually. God knows all of us. I do hope when he looks at us, He will find us doing His
will. God be with us.