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Men’s Ministry

The mission of Men’s Ministries is to build and develop men and young men’s integrity that have a love for Christ.  We encourage and motivate men to become strong leaders in their families, church and community.  In the pursuit of our purpose we aim to be a positive influence in the lives of our children, our church, and the community in which we worship.

Mission Statement

  • To provide spiritual strength and unity amongst men.
  • To guide, teach, counsel and mentor other men so they can become godly men, faithful fathers, loving husbands and leaders with integrity.

Mens’ Ministry Objectives

  • To have our matured men be committed and dedicated mentors for our young men.
  • To train our men to be effective priest loving husbands and dedicated fathers at home.
  • To increase our respect and appreciation for our women.
  • To help all men and boys develop a richer and deeper relationship with God